Pick your Poison!

a lOAD OF bS!

All aboard the flagship show of the BS Network, A Load of BS! Join hosts Blake Tanner and Scottye Moore as they discuss their lives, buckwild movies and just... It's a "Two White Guys Talking" podcast. Every network has one and this is ours. We thought it was a cool innovative idea at the time... We have free whiskey if you listen though! (Not for you. The whiskey's for us. Podcasts are hard.)


Join Scottye Moore, The Dylan and Blake Tanner as they delve deep into the world of professional (and not-so-professional) wrestling! They discuss matches, make predictions and Scottye annoys Dylan with his distinct lack of knowledge about Japanese wrestling. It's also the only place where you can find coverage for Birmingham, Alabama's premier wrestling company, the JWF!


Are you down with OPP? Join hosts Jim Murphy and Scottye Moore as they attempt to create their own theme park! Jim knows everything about theme parks and Scottye returns that knowledge with just... drunken idiocy. Whether it be superheroes, haunted houses or... just a lot of phallic imagery, your hosts are going to take you on a journey into their imagination!