Opposite Attractions: Episode 21 - Challenge: Two Worlds, One Family

We took a week off due to Valentine's Day being our recording day and the two hosts being a little under the weather. We return with some family style fun in our quest to not have crotches be part of every attraction. Jim's attraction reworks the classic tea cup aesthetic while Scottye decides the even a family ride needs some darkness and goes full A&E Channel on our theme park.

Opposite Attractions: Episode 20 - Challenge: Just Keep Swimming!

This week, it's all about water rides - but not just any sort of water rides. This is an internet park, you see, so we need something that we can stream (get it, cause it's water!) and something with a splash. Also, your fine hosts ramble a bit about a potential Disney park name change and Scottye has to shut Jim down before he goes too off the rails and makes the show four and a half hours long. He can do it. Don't test him.