About Us!

You know... it's probably best we tell you who we are before we get into the goofs and the giggles. 


Blake Tanner

Podcasting, sunny days at the beach, lemons, and bourbon. In that order.

Writing long bios that you're probably only reading because you found a tab on our website you've never seen before.

But I love you anyway


Scottye Moore

Born in California on January 7, 1964, Scottye Moore fell in love with acting during a summer class at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. He got his start in teenage comedies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and went on to play a wide variety of roles in such films as Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, and Con Air. He received an Academy Award for his role in 1995's Leaving Las Vegas.

He also hopes you don't realize that he didn't wanna spend time writing a biography and just copied Nicolas Cage's and put his name on it.


Brenna Clark

Brenna can be defined by these three moments in time:

1. The Great Exclamation Point Debacle Of 2008
2. The Disappearance of the P’Zone from Pizza Hut
3. Space Jam (1996)

Take from this what you will.

Jim Murphy

This Jim Murphy is not the founder of musical group LCD Soundsystem, though his wife believes him to be. His mouth is still known as a techno dance instrument thanks to his role as Mickey Mouse in the 1830’s animated pornograph Hot Dog Hamilton. Jim’s brain functions much like the white space in The Matrix, but instead of guns it’s everything but comedy.


This is not Dylan.

The Dylan

If you've ever listened to Fight Boyz, you shouldn't be surprised that Dylan elected not to submit a bio. 

Or a photo.

Or made any effort at all.