About Us!

You know... it's probably best we tell you who we are before we get into the goofs and the giggles. 


Scottye Moore

Described by fellow Fight Boyz co-host, The Dylan, as "only slightly less egotistical than the Young Bucks," Scottye's illusions of grandeur have led to his latest quest to conquer the internet via any means possible. Born in Oxford, Alabama, Scottye always attempted to find a new different way of doing things. This attitude has led him to a successful writing career, authoring the Quezalcorp series of books. He hopes he can bring this attitude to his work at the BS Network as well.


Blake Tanner

Podcasting, sunny days at the beach, lemons, and bourbon. In that order.

Writing long bios that you're probably only reading because you found a tab on our website you've never seen before.

But I love you anyway