Pick your Poison!


a lOAD OF bS!

All aboard the flagship podcast of the BS Network, A Load of BS! Join hosts Blake Tanner and Scottye Moore as they discuss their lives, buckwild movies and just... It's a "Two White Guys Talking" podcast. Every network has one and this is ours. We thought it was a cool innovative idea at the time... We have free whiskey if you listen though! (Not for you. The whiskey's for us. Podcasts are hard.)


Want all the WWE, AEW and independent wrestling news in one place? Every Friday, the Fight Boyz are comin for ya, brother! Featuring the dulcet tones of the greatest podcasting tag team of all-time, the BS and the Lord of the Smark Side, Dylan Fehribach, Fight Boyz gives you a look into our bizarre world of professsional and not-so-professional wrestling and is the only place for you to catch up on Alabama's premier wrestling organization, the JWF!   



Are you down with OPP? Join hosts Jim Murphy and Scottye Moore as they attempt to create their own theme park! Jim knows everything about theme parks and Scottye returns that knowledge with just... drunken idiocy. Whether it be superheroes, haunted houses or... just a lot of phallic imagery, your hosts are going to take you on a journey into their imagination!

Me Again!

It’s the self-help podcast about helping myself! Join Scottye Moore on his self-help journey as he documents every single day of his quest to better himself so he can help better you! He'll examine all aspects of self-care from meditation to yoga to those good, good brain drugs! Join him for your weekly dose of gratitude with attitude as we try to help ourselves to a little self-help!

Fun Fiction!

Do you like movies? How about less popular writers taking control of the plots of those films to make fan fiction? Well, that's what we're here to explore on Fun Fiction! Join Scottye Moore and his special guests as they deep-dive into the world of movies and TV and find the absolute best of the best (or worst) fan fiction to go along with it! We swear it doesn’t get THAT kinky…

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